Thursday, August 6, 2009


let me start by telling you my week.........for the most part. In between the feedings and poop wiping...cleanings at the manthei zoo. Monday was my last night of work at the VFW. My buddy was here swimming and Mike called......can she stay until back into the house made more meatloaf and bribed her to stay. While I was at work, Rileigh fell asleep at I got home from work at 1am......Rileigh up at 4AM........Should have stayed awake, because when i woke up I felt like someone ripped my shoulder off and taped it back on!!! I'm telling you it hurt to breath!!!! Then some time Tuesday morning the internet became spotty...........sometimes it worked....sometime it didn't. On the phone to the cable company.....reset the modem, seemed to work......NOT!!!! Of course you have to be on the phone while you're doing acrobatics to get to the back of the modem with your pen to reset it. In case you didn't know I have a computer cabinet and ALL OF THE F**** wires are nicely hidden behind weighs what feels like 2 tons....Remember my shoulder has been taped back on at this point. So after many phone calls; the cable company suggest that I call the router company. OK THEN! 3 Chinse/Indian/non-English speaking calls later.......while holding the phone to my ear, holding a pen to reset it, unplugging and replugging, balancing the laptop on my knee(because the cord was too F***** short) we determined that they would need to call me back in 1 hour to speak to a different dept. WTF!!!!! So I went to bed!!! Then I decided that I would just use the cord........called the cable company to help me, no luck! All of the trying the night before left me unable to connect!!! So, with Mike in a panic that he would have to share his computer........I packed up the zoo and went to Best Buy.....$79.99 later and $2 for each of the prime mates to be good while I spoke to the nice people at best buy.........I'm back home and back on the phone with the non-English speaking d-link people to try to figure out WTF they had me do to my computer!! Reset the ip address...........called the cable people.......reset the working with a wire, OK ready to hook up this new router........MY GOODNESS WHEN IS THE LAST TIME I'VE BEEN AT THIS DESK????????? It's got more dust then Arizona in a wind storm!! WOW, I'm back to wireless Internet!!! Litterly less then 10 minutes after my success........Mike calls....."who's there?" Just me, Rileigh, and Jacob. "WoW sounds like you have a crew there".........we'll that's exactly what happens when the zookeeper stops working for a few hours!!!! The other thing is that I actally had given up and scheduled someone to come out and install a router.......a little expensive, but really now, some things are just better that way.....Mike says do you relize how much that's going to be over time? Well, yes $50 bucks and then $5 a month.......sounds reasonable to some one who has more cords then best buy to me!!! So I gave in....but on the way to the store, I realized that we're paying Home depot $118 to install blinds.........because well it's just too cheap to pass up! Now that's it's over I'm glad that I did it, because my desk is clean and I won't be paying the $5 bucks a that's a 6 pack of my choice....right????

In the middle of that mess.........Hanna knocked over the shreader that was FULL!!!! Seriouly did I need that!!!

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