Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mike turns the big 4 0!!!

What a beautiful day we had celebrating Mike's birthday with lots of family and friends.

I do want to THANK EVERYONE for all that they did!!!! With out all of our family and friends; such a wonderful party would not have been possible!! Friends loaned us things, friends cooked food, and friends made CAKE!! Then Friends showed up and CELEBRATED!! Mike also recieved WONDERFUL gifts that he was very thankful for!!

The pool was filled to the max, the food table was filled to the max and the coolers were filled to the max.......for a few miniutes and then the trash was filled to the max!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Apperntly we have a zoo in our backyard?

This summer seems to be all about the animals!!! We found a turtle in our backyard, so we kept him for a while then let him go. We also had the pleasure of checking out a snake strolling though.........and last but not least, we apparently planted a grocery store for a ground hog!

This Blog has gone to the Gorilia's!!

Well, we have been busy all ready this summer!!! Jacob did a week of zoo camp, which meant the whole family did a week of zoo camp :) He adored it........he walked around the house with his back pack on waiting to leave for hours! While he was at camp, Rileigh got to go to the zoo, the playground, a friends house, and shopping. It was a whirl wind of a week.

The following week we went for a teddy bear picnic on the skip jack Martha Lewis....lots of fun!!! They had children's music playing and read them stories, but the highlight was getting to help put up that GIANT sail.

We took a trip up to the Herr's potato chip factory for their petting zoo day and enjoyed some chips and pretzels. While there we watched a local dance studio put on a little show and Jacob was quite impressed with the break dancers!! Rileigh loved the dance that they did to "hannah tanna".

We finished that week with a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo..........WOW!!! It is a BEAUTIFUL zoo. Lots of shade and FABULOUS exhibits of animals. They had an awesome wishing fountain there as took a few days, but Jacob did tell me what he wished for. He had 3 wishes, well because he had 3 pennies to throw. 1. For Daddy and him to ALWAYS have to mow the grass together 2. For Daddy to not have to work and oh I did one for you too mom.......3. for you to only have to work at home. Too cute!

We are barely keeping up with our crazy schedule.......I did laundry today and Jacob told me "it's a good thing we did laundry, I only have 2 underwares left".

I keep saying don't put the same thing on the back burner every week, switch it up, but that's not working so hot lately! Every thing is done, but half a**ed. However, Jacob and Rileigh are having a blast!!