Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Bailey our puppy (14 months old) was behind the pool area and Jacob and Rileigh were swinging. Bailey didn't come right away, so I asked the kids what she was doing...."EEEWWW she's sniffing a dead skunk!!" Well EEEEWWWWW was right! And I knew what I was going to have to do! OMGoodness!!! I DON'T want to clean him up!!! But if you have ever owned a dog, you know that they LOVE to roll in smelly stuff! And really you could smell it at the pool, so it had to be done! So off I go to get a bag and shovel, coax Jacob to make sure the bag stays open while I shove him in.......OH DEAR LORD, I didn't know just how awful it was going to be!!!! He was decaying into the ground and was STUCK!!! One swipe with the shovel let the oder EXPLODE into the air!!! Down went the shovel!!! I had to turn away! Jacob must have been up wind because he didn't move...he stood there like a trooper holding open the bag....and LAUGHING his full little head off at me! So I get myself together and think the quicker I do this the quicker I'm DONE!!! Shovel in hand, I loosen his dead little stinky body loose from the ground.....which is stained black, WOW!!!, wasn't really expecting that, go to scoop him up and I thought I had him....NOPE...his head falls right off the shovel!!! HOLY HECK!! This is AWFUL!! So I throw the shovel load into the bag that Jacob has now left on the ground and I had to do a second scoop to get the rest of him! Then there he was in the bag on the ground, but not quite in the bag enough for me to touch the bag and lift it up to tie it, so we get another bag and scoop up the first bag and get it tied! Throw him into the garbage can and grab the keys....we're taking this straight to the DUMP! We load the trash cans into the truck and off we go! While empting the trash cans I notice something moving!!....oh my...we've got MAGGOTTS!!! Really? Really?

Monday, June 11, 2012

There's water in my BED!!!!

Rileigh comes into our room at 4:30 AM..........which is almost never good....Mike ask her 'what's wrong?' she says nothing...so I ask her 'Rileigh, what's the matter?'..Her reply "there's water in my bed" which is code for 'I wet to bed'!! Poor thing didn't want to admit that it happened to her! I'm hoping she was so exhusted from swimming for hours on end that she just simply didn't wake up this ONE time!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rileigh's way of thinking

Well I have just recovered from a stomach bug that TOOK ME OUT! I mean I feel like I've lost 4 days of my life! So it's without saying that the bug is moving through the house and has landed with Rileigh. So, she's sitting on the potty doing her business telling me how yucky it is and I said 'I know it's going to last about 3 days and it will be gone, but there is nothing that we can really do.....Rileigh replies with 'you mean I'm going to have this on my weekend?' Yes, you are I'm sorry, but just think you get to have some sprite and it's not even a party! Rileigh's reply 'Who made sprite law when you are sick? Couldn't it be root beer?' I love that kid!