Friday, September 25, 2009


We did it!! We survived another looooonnnnnnggggg car ride for an awesome vacation.

By far this was the best house of our 3 trips to the outer banks. We stayed in the village of Salvo........however I don't know why it was called a village. I would think to be considered a village, you would need at least one store and maybe a restaurant??? Despite that, I do believe that we had the best beach. We only had 1 other family that we saw often and 1 guy that I wish I would have taken his picture like lilo does......that sight was just too much!! Imagine a mullet, a bushy mustache book reading guy in a tri-folding lounge chair, with a flower beach umbrella all by himself! The shells on this beach were AMAZING!!!! Jacob found a white conch looking shell that was darn near whole and Mike did find a hole welsh? shell...looks like a gray conch.......AND I FOUND MY FIRST PIECE OF GREEN SEA GLASS...and I am COMPLETELY hooked!! I have looked up the best places to find it and my wheels are turning!!! I'm going there!

I did have quite a few 'a ha' moments on this trip. Like I should hand off the camera and get into the pictures a little more often! I'm 35 freaking years old and haven't crossed off nearly enough of my 'to do' list! Do I have a 'to do' list??? I should do more whole family vacations! My niece is flipping 16!!! I'm freaking 35!!! And the list could go on for a MILE!! I have been thinking about it since we got home....Am I where I want/should be??? Will I ever know the answer to that???

And the other CRAZY thing that happened to me that I still just can't believe.........I got sea sick!!! And puked my guts up in a small black bucket with the waves swishing it so much that I was afraid it was going to spill out onto the nice carpet of the fishing boat!!! All the while everyone was catching a fish!! I did catch 1 fish before puking, but I missed taking pictures of all the fish catching and the cute first mate dancing around the boat like a fish with his head cut off trying to keep up with baiting the lines and bringing in the fish! I was freaking puking!!!! I just can't believe it!!!

I feel like a bag lady :)

We have the following bags:
1. Ballet Bag
2. Soccer Bag
3. Swimming Bag...1 for each
4. Back Pack......1 for each
5. Lunch Bag......1 for each
6. Library Bag
7. Bag Chairs to watch the soccer game.......1 for each of us...totaling 4
8. And finally, my purse

Really now people.......where the heck are we supposed to store all of that c**p!!!

What I would really like to have is a brown bag hiding something fun to drink!!