Friday, September 25, 2009


We did it!! We survived another looooonnnnnnggggg car ride for an awesome vacation.

By far this was the best house of our 3 trips to the outer banks. We stayed in the village of Salvo........however I don't know why it was called a village. I would think to be considered a village, you would need at least one store and maybe a restaurant??? Despite that, I do believe that we had the best beach. We only had 1 other family that we saw often and 1 guy that I wish I would have taken his picture like lilo does......that sight was just too much!! Imagine a mullet, a bushy mustache book reading guy in a tri-folding lounge chair, with a flower beach umbrella all by himself! The shells on this beach were AMAZING!!!! Jacob found a white conch looking shell that was darn near whole and Mike did find a hole welsh? shell...looks like a gray conch.......AND I FOUND MY FIRST PIECE OF GREEN SEA GLASS...and I am COMPLETELY hooked!! I have looked up the best places to find it and my wheels are turning!!! I'm going there!

I did have quite a few 'a ha' moments on this trip. Like I should hand off the camera and get into the pictures a little more often! I'm 35 freaking years old and haven't crossed off nearly enough of my 'to do' list! Do I have a 'to do' list??? I should do more whole family vacations! My niece is flipping 16!!! I'm freaking 35!!! And the list could go on for a MILE!! I have been thinking about it since we got home....Am I where I want/should be??? Will I ever know the answer to that???

And the other CRAZY thing that happened to me that I still just can't believe.........I got sea sick!!! And puked my guts up in a small black bucket with the waves swishing it so much that I was afraid it was going to spill out onto the nice carpet of the fishing boat!!! All the while everyone was catching a fish!! I did catch 1 fish before puking, but I missed taking pictures of all the fish catching and the cute first mate dancing around the boat like a fish with his head cut off trying to keep up with baiting the lines and bringing in the fish! I was freaking puking!!!! I just can't believe it!!!

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