Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Adventure

Well as you know most things I do end up a bit complicated.....turning the guest room into an office/craft room is no different.

We got LUCKY and sold the bedroom furniture that was in the room in 2 days!!! The guy who bought it lived 10 minutes from here, so I had Mike take it to him since the guy didn't have a truck. 2 trips over there.

So I had money to spend on the new room, so I packed up the troops and went to Ikea. Now the whole way down there I told them about the GREAT play area and they were on board with that. What a wonderful thing they have going!!! For 1 and 1/2 hours they'll keep your potty trained child while you shop....I know exactly why; just so you'll spend more money, but hey you can actually think straight while you shop, so it's a win/win situation. My troops were up for it.....WOW!!! They lasted 35 minutes but that was long enough for me to brainstorm and I was ready to commit! Me?!?!? Someone who takes 5 years to put up curtains.....I was ready in 35 minutes!!! Well of course there was a glitch! So, I fell in love with this room and wanted to make it mine! I thought that they had put up a curtain panel on the wall.........after I shopped with the troops in tow.........I found out that I was WRONG! The fabric is sold by the yard and is not in curtain form! I mean I found all of the green bins that fit my need and fit into the cubby holder that I have pushed around the entire store up and down both floors and actually got the furniture onto the cart with the help of the troops. Okay we've been here for 3 hours........let's go home!

So, I get the cubby bin into my truck.......which right on the box says "2 man lift 72 lbs" WOW........I think I might actually be 35 years old!!! That was a bit tough! And the desk and all of those carefully picked out bins!

So, I have this sewing machine that has been staring me in the face for 18 months or so.......the fabric's only $7.99 per yard......maybe I could make panels...after all it's only a straight line to sew right??...Don't worry I came to my senses!!! I called Kathleen! So we meet at Ikea in White Marsh. I show her the room with the fabric and litterly she shouts "HOLY CRAP" but being the good friend that she is, she still agrees to make the curtains, so we go to get it and there is only a scrap left!!! So, more than just me fell in love with this crazy fabric! Isn't there another store?? Yes, there is....College Park and they have plenty. "Well, what are you doing the rest of the day?" Going to College Park! We bought the fabric, had a pretty good lunch and was back in White Marsh by 2! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Computer

I finally broke down and bought a new computer.....and I mean BROKE down.....

I had a sort of love affair with my holds OVER 10,000 pictures, 3,000 songs, and 600 emails........And now all I have is a blank slate that in 60 days the Microsoft office suite just goes away.........

This new computer is Awesome...don't get me wrong!!! My pictures look 1,000 times better and wow is it fast!! Windows 7 is great and really easy to use so far!....But figuring out just how to get 'my stuff' from one computer to another is a ball game that I just haven't figured out how to play yet!

For my birthday I received an external hard drive that I thought would make the whole transferring thing easy......Nope!!! I spent a whole evening with no success :( I'll make the phone call for help tomorrow...I wonder what country the help center might be located in???

And just to add to the fun...I changed my email address...I really just had so much junk mail that it was insane. So that was my challenge tonight. I sent all of the emails that I still felt the need to hoard and I did make all kinds of little folders so that they were not just all sitting in my in box like before. Photos, file Cabinet, I'll be racking my brain on where to put the email and then where the heck did I put it???