Monday, January 18, 2010

New Computer

I finally broke down and bought a new computer.....and I mean BROKE down.....

I had a sort of love affair with my holds OVER 10,000 pictures, 3,000 songs, and 600 emails........And now all I have is a blank slate that in 60 days the Microsoft office suite just goes away.........

This new computer is Awesome...don't get me wrong!!! My pictures look 1,000 times better and wow is it fast!! Windows 7 is great and really easy to use so far!....But figuring out just how to get 'my stuff' from one computer to another is a ball game that I just haven't figured out how to play yet!

For my birthday I received an external hard drive that I thought would make the whole transferring thing easy......Nope!!! I spent a whole evening with no success :( I'll make the phone call for help tomorrow...I wonder what country the help center might be located in???

And just to add to the fun...I changed my email address...I really just had so much junk mail that it was insane. So that was my challenge tonight. I sent all of the emails that I still felt the need to hoard and I did make all kinds of little folders so that they were not just all sitting in my in box like before. Photos, file Cabinet, I'll be racking my brain on where to put the email and then where the heck did I put it???

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