Wednesday, October 22, 2008

JC Penny

Hanna was visiting the dog next door........named Penny. Jacob saw that hanna wasn't in her own yard and said......"Mommy, Hanna isn't in our yard anymore, she's visiting JC Penny next door" LOL, maybe I do shop more then I thought :)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Thanks to the WONDERFUL family and friends we were able to take a break from reality for 5 days!! My Aunts came up on Tuesday evening to watch Jacob and Rileigh, which made it possible to keep them in school and they delivered them to my parents on Friday. My parents kept Rileigh and Mike's parents took Jacob to his soccer game where his Aunt Liz picked him up and kept him until Sunday. They had a blast without their parents!! They got to put stickers on the walls and windows, got to eat pizza, and COMPLETELY enjoyed all of the attention that they got. Rileigh even pooped on the potty while we were gone!!! Jacob has even asked when we were going away again with out him?? Nice to see that we were missed :)

So, how was Vegas????!!!!??!? Let me just start out with we found $1 margaritas!! Thanks to Rachel Ray, we had NY strip steak and shrimp dinners for $7.77!! Our schedules were so screwed up, we didn't eat 3 meals in any 1 day, but I swear we ate and drank every thing that we wanted and I don't think that we spent more then $150 in food and drinks for the whole trip.......I'll let you know for sure when I find a minute to actually think about it.

The highlights of our trip was seeing a comedy show and seeing ELI MATTSON!!! We went to the MGM Grand to see the top 10 of America's Got Talent. We got the tickets the morning of the show and had floor seats!! That's the second time that we got lucky like that, so I'm kind of convinced that it's worth taking a chance like that for the show that you would like to see.

More on Vegas later........I'm still pooped from the trip and trying to keep up with life!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Well I meant to post this last........uh last Wednesday....

I have the best friends going. We were able to pull off a happy hour get together. It came together by all of us being us.....One suggested getting together, I suggested to invite another......and while I dropped the ball on inviting her, the other 2 picked it up, they both made sure that she was invited. Then just by mentioning my birthday, one paid for me, and the other mailed me a gift, and my mom brought me back to the luxury of being a brand purse and not to mention that I spent a few hours with great friends; which completely reminded me just how important it is to find a few hours to spend with friends. While our individual lives keep whizzing by, it was as if no time had passed between good friends. It had been way too long since we were able to do a happy hour or girls night, and it wasn't our full crew, but I can tell you that I all ready have the baby sitter lined up for December.......which goes to show that life is whizzing by, that's probably the earliest that the group of us will all be able to get together again.

Wednesday at an ungodly hour we'll be flying to OMG celebrate our 10 year Wedding Anniversary. We'll be back to our crazy lives on Sunday.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Milburn Orchards

This morning we enjoyed Milburn Orchards. Jacob and Rileigh "milked a cow", we went on a hayride, and fed the goats. Everyone had a good time.......WOW, almost no fussing!! The only fussing which was kind of deserved is at the end of our morning, we were going to pick our own apples and the baking kind weren't ready, so we decided to go back next weekend and that was too much for Jacob to handle. He said "I'm not baking mine, I'm just eating them how they come" It was a 10lb minimum and with out making something like cobbler, I just can't imagine we would eat 10lbs of them "just as they come" We toughed it out without a stroller and Rileigh was asleep before we left the parking lot.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a disapointment!!

The only time that I actually get to watch a show........kind when I work at the VFW. So the crew that hangs out there likes to watch America's Got Talent. Which turned out to be a good thing. I actually fell in love with Eli Mattson and don't you know that he came in second to a flipping Opera singer!!! I just couldn't/can't believe it!!! You have to check him out either on you tube or at