Saturday, April 17, 2010


Pictures say 1,000 words...............LOOK HOW FREAKING CUTE!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I get a new tooth and Jacob loses his 2nd

Jacob lost his 2nd bottom front tooth tonight right after dinner. He's too funny about it. He was ready to go to bed so the tooth fairy would come at 6:30.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New tooth :)

Well you all know everything I do is an adventure. And the old saying 'everything happens for a reason'....true oh so true!

Getting a new tooth is of course no different! I started the process about 1 month ago. Went and had a whitening session done, then a week later, they do all of the impressions and color matching, then another appointment for the prep, and then one last one.........or so we thought. The dentist wasn't quite happy with how my new tooth looked and asked if I minded going to the lab for custom shading and some reshaping, well no I don't mind!!! It's my FRONT tooth and I'll probably wear it for 8-10 years!! Well the deal for that is that I had to go to bel air for the dentist to take off the temporary tooth then drive to the Rosedale........big old greek guy (who was the owner of the lab) hung out with me for 3 hours, painting the color on my tooth while it was in my mouth!! Then reshaped it and fired it and I was off to the dentist in bel air again. 45 minutes there and here I am!!! I do believe that this is the BEST my smile has ever been!!!

So, 100.9 miles in one day and with travel time 8 hours later I have a new smile :)

The every thing happens for a reason come in with.........Jacob puking Sunday night into Monday morning.

I was going to tote Rileigh along with me, because they didn't think it would be more then 2 hours, but THANK goodness that Jacob was sick and Mike came home to watch them, so that I didn't have to change my appointments. Rileigh would have been a little bear with all of that waiting!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a beautiful day............after we had the 'YOU'RE WEARING THAT SHIRT/DRESS' argument.

Rileigh woke up first and didn't really put it together that the Easter bunny was here last night. Then Jacob woke up and down we went. The bunny shed his tail all over the floor and Jacob wanted every piece!! They were very patience and looked every thing in their baskets one thing at a time. Then we ate candy and had the clothes argument! Jacob was in his room for over 20 minutes with real tears about a shirt that was hanging out for him to see what he was wearing for over a week. He HATES shirts with a collar! He wore it for church and, next year remind me to NOT buy him nice clothes!! I guess it really is just born into them. Rileigh has loved shoes since she was an infant!

They enjoyed church and then everyone coming and paying so much attention to them and an egg hunt and more sports then any adult could handle.........then waffles for dinner..........because the I hate my shirt/dress kids that I have don't really like holiday food...........then baths and books and BED!

Rileigh at one point around dinner time, said "May I have a popcicle?" I said sure, if you eat 2 chicken nuggets......she said "no, I really didn't want one" and ran away!