Friday, June 27, 2008

Who are you again??

Believe it or not........the ants left the chip behind!! They were completly gone and the chip was still there! So, did they suck the nutrients out of the chip or did they simply give up? I quess we'll never know....

Okay the big LEMON of the day........I'm a part timer at the local VFW and for some reason I didn't know that there was a meeting in the back room. SO the GREAT cook that I am was dumb founded when a gentleman told me that 1. there was a meeting and 2. they were going to order off the menu........WHAT MENU?!!??? and 3. they actually did ORDER!! OMG!!! 1 small deep fryer..........15 orders of fries....3 orders of shrimp...5 orders of fish...4 orders chicken tenders and only 2 baskets for the small deep fryer oh and did I mention that I was THE ONLY EMPLOYEE ON THE PREMISES!!...with a full bar! HOLY CRAP!!! All in all it went OK, but it SHOULD have gone much better...with a heads up and a bit of prep. Any way they were the local Lions Club and they were very understanding and nice people.

Can someone please explain to me again why excatly we have to work again?!?!?! I'm just not getting it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How many ant's does it take to move a chip?!!??

Today was swimming play date. The iffy weather worked out just fine. EVERY toy we have was in the pool, kids getting along, lunch and snacks everywhere. Plain good old fun! Of course ONE slide on the slip and slide........the cushion on the end POPPED!! Does anything really work or last? "hey, Kelly, look at that stupid umbrella...I've been having problems.....WATCH OUT!!!!" There it goes AGAIN!!! Flying through the air almost taking out Dana and who's bad luck does that one fall on.....Mine or Dana's??? Or is there just ONE REALLY BIG BLACK CLOUD....HOOVERING over us? Isn't being pulled in 3,000 directions at one time simply enough...."Jenn........I think something is wrong with the toilet" Really now, I'm starting to wonder!! Clogged toilet!!! AND OF COURSE it was after a poop!!

After dinner we're going swimming again and what to our wondering eyes do we see...........ANTS!!!! Holy Moly, about 200 ants on ONE measly chip. So.........after using up all of my ant killer on the MAGGOTS........we decided to leave those little ant soldiers have a chip!!!

I do have to say that the old saying if you give an inch they take a mile is still 100% correct!! I let Jacob and Rileigh play late and it has been over an hour to try to get them to bed........Rileigh is at the moment riding her horse in her room, she always makes it neigh.....and now she is playing with her singing tea pot. Jacob has been down twice.'s been a long day to say the least :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where is the puke bucket?!!!???!!

So, I gave in and took Jacob to patient, my child can't really be sick, at least not enough to go to the Dr's!! After listening to him run out of breath while talking several times, I FINALLY said well maybe he his sick. Come on let's go to patient's summer time it won't be that busy. HA HA HA!! OMG, are we really the 21st, 22nd and 23rd person in the lobby here??? Yup...don't panic.....Rileigh we have enough "snacks" to keep us for oh let's see....5 minutes! Light bulb moment!!! Call Aunt Liz, she's only 5 minutes from here!! Score! THANK YOU! Shew!! Someone is looking out for my sanity!! Uncle Bob's on his way to get the Rileigh bug........we almost ran out of "snacks" waiting those 5 minutes and she now has 20 new friends that she offered those snacks to. 35 minutes later they move us from the lobby to the room. 15 minutes more........."Mommy I need to puke" Poke my head out of the room....excuse me, could you tell me where to get a puke bucket? "I'll grab a bag" says the nice lady sipping on ice tea....ohhh...bummer.....she almost made it in time! How ever, that got the attention that we needed and we were out of there in less then 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes they 1. tested him for enough oxygen 2. chest x-rays 3. Blood draw 4. Dose of Motrin 5. Dr's instructions. Lesson learned- poke your head out and ask for the puke bucket asap!!

Oh yeah, remember the MAGGOTS!!!......there were a few stragglers........OMG ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GARAGE!!! You are kidding me RIGHT!!! Hopefully they are ALL gone now!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Port Lemons???

I wanted to name the blog "life gives you lemons"........, however just about everyway I tried that title, it was taken. The reason I wanted that title??? Life gives you lemons....make lemonade, right??? Nope. Life gives you lemons, find someone who's life has given them vodka and have a party with a new friend!! That would be in a little more perfect world than mine. As I've typed this short paragraph, Rileigh has not only dumped out the entire box of crayons, but proceded to quickly spread them around the entire I said "Rileigh no no no, we need to pick them up". Just when you thought you were having a quiet moment to do one quick back to why I chose the title. I live in Port Deposit and I suspect that I will be mostly writing about the lemons that life throws my way.

First Lemon to "blog" about. MAGGOTS!!! They're in my garage and ant killer doesn't seem to affect those little pieces of moving white rice!! Seems that you actually have to step on them!!! AUGHHHHH!!! So, how did I discover them? I was going to the dump and moved the trash cans. And yes, because I was going to the dump, the cans had to be put in the back of my truck so that the whole crew could go. So, we went to the dump, nice guy there with the missing teeth was very helpful, he opened the gates, so that I didn't have to heave the cans up 4 feet and then dump them, only had to heave them 2 feet. Emptied the cans and went to put them back into the truck and what did I see???!!!! Escapees!!! MAGGOTS on the carpet of my truck!!! ICK!!!!!!!! So, I had to get a napkin (thank you McDonald's) and pick them up!!! Okay, we're going to get through this!! Get home, let's wash these stinky trash cans...first we have to hook up the hose, because I just noticed....after 8 years of living here....we don't have a hose reel!!! So, hook the hose to the faucet....oops...why isn't the sprayer on the stupid hose??? Turn off the hose, put the sprayer ARE kidding me...the sprayer just broke in my hands!! OPP better hurry, thunder storm getting close! Found spare sprayer, put that on, back into the garage to turn on the hose....finally washing out the mean we don't have enough pressure to squirt out this funk!! Get the brush and scrub...Done!! But how can some thing that should take all of 5 minutes take 20??!! All just in time to get in before the storm.....hope those clean cans don't blow away!!