Thursday, June 26, 2008

How many ant's does it take to move a chip?!!??

Today was swimming play date. The iffy weather worked out just fine. EVERY toy we have was in the pool, kids getting along, lunch and snacks everywhere. Plain good old fun! Of course ONE slide on the slip and slide........the cushion on the end POPPED!! Does anything really work or last? "hey, Kelly, look at that stupid umbrella...I've been having problems.....WATCH OUT!!!!" There it goes AGAIN!!! Flying through the air almost taking out Dana and who's bad luck does that one fall on.....Mine or Dana's??? Or is there just ONE REALLY BIG BLACK CLOUD....HOOVERING over us? Isn't being pulled in 3,000 directions at one time simply enough...."Jenn........I think something is wrong with the toilet" Really now, I'm starting to wonder!! Clogged toilet!!! AND OF COURSE it was after a poop!!

After dinner we're going swimming again and what to our wondering eyes do we see...........ANTS!!!! Holy Moly, about 200 ants on ONE measly chip. So.........after using up all of my ant killer on the MAGGOTS........we decided to leave those little ant soldiers have a chip!!!

I do have to say that the old saying if you give an inch they take a mile is still 100% correct!! I let Jacob and Rileigh play late and it has been over an hour to try to get them to bed........Rileigh is at the moment riding her horse in her room, she always makes it neigh.....and now she is playing with her singing tea pot. Jacob has been down twice.'s been a long day to say the least :)

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