Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Port Lemons???

I wanted to name the blog "life gives you lemons"........, however just about everyway I tried that title, it was taken. The reason I wanted that title??? Life gives you lemons....make lemonade, right??? Nope. Life gives you lemons, find someone who's life has given them vodka and have a party with a new friend!! That would be in a little more perfect world than mine. As I've typed this short paragraph, Rileigh has not only dumped out the entire box of crayons, but proceded to quickly spread them around the entire I said "Rileigh no no no, we need to pick them up". Just when you thought you were having a quiet moment to do one quick back to why I chose the title. I live in Port Deposit and I suspect that I will be mostly writing about the lemons that life throws my way.

First Lemon to "blog" about. MAGGOTS!!! They're in my garage and ant killer doesn't seem to affect those little pieces of moving white rice!! Seems that you actually have to step on them!!! AUGHHHHH!!! So, how did I discover them? I was going to the dump and moved the trash cans. And yes, because I was going to the dump, the cans had to be put in the back of my truck so that the whole crew could go. So, we went to the dump, nice guy there with the missing teeth was very helpful, he opened the gates, so that I didn't have to heave the cans up 4 feet and then dump them, only had to heave them 2 feet. Emptied the cans and went to put them back into the truck and what did I see???!!!! Escapees!!! MAGGOTS on the carpet of my truck!!! ICK!!!!!!!! So, I had to get a napkin (thank you McDonald's) and pick them up!!! Okay, we're going to get through this!! Get home, let's wash these stinky trash cans...first we have to hook up the hose, because I just noticed....after 8 years of living here....we don't have a hose reel!!! So, hook the hose to the faucet....oops...why isn't the sprayer on the stupid hose??? Turn off the hose, put the sprayer ARE kidding me...the sprayer just broke in my hands!! OPP better hurry, thunder storm getting close! Found spare sprayer, put that on, back into the garage to turn on the hose....finally washing out the mean we don't have enough pressure to squirt out this funk!! Get the brush and scrub...Done!! But how can some thing that should take all of 5 minutes take 20??!! All just in time to get in before the storm.....hope those clean cans don't blow away!!

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