Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where is the puke bucket?!!!???!!

So, I gave in and took Jacob to patient, my child can't really be sick, at least not enough to go to the Dr's!! After listening to him run out of breath while talking several times, I FINALLY said well maybe he his sick. Come on let's go to patient's summer time it won't be that busy. HA HA HA!! OMG, are we really the 21st, 22nd and 23rd person in the lobby here??? Yup...don't panic.....Rileigh we have enough "snacks" to keep us for oh let's see....5 minutes! Light bulb moment!!! Call Aunt Liz, she's only 5 minutes from here!! Score! THANK YOU! Shew!! Someone is looking out for my sanity!! Uncle Bob's on his way to get the Rileigh bug........we almost ran out of "snacks" waiting those 5 minutes and she now has 20 new friends that she offered those snacks to. 35 minutes later they move us from the lobby to the room. 15 minutes more........."Mommy I need to puke" Poke my head out of the room....excuse me, could you tell me where to get a puke bucket? "I'll grab a bag" says the nice lady sipping on ice tea....ohhh...bummer.....she almost made it in time! How ever, that got the attention that we needed and we were out of there in less then 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes they 1. tested him for enough oxygen 2. chest x-rays 3. Blood draw 4. Dose of Motrin 5. Dr's instructions. Lesson learned- poke your head out and ask for the puke bucket asap!!

Oh yeah, remember the MAGGOTS!!!......there were a few stragglers........OMG ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GARAGE!!! You are kidding me RIGHT!!! Hopefully they are ALL gone now!!

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