Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do these days happen??

Here is my schedule for Tuesday:
Get up and get 3 people dressed fed breakfast and then...
8:15 Jacob to bus stop
8:40 Drive Rileigh to school
9:00 be at Jacob's school to volunteer
11:30 Pick up Rileigh
11:45 Lunch playdate with new friend
mid afternoon: Gargage door repair
I might need some more COFFEE
5pm: Dinner
6-7pm Math games at Jacob's School
Maybe some more diet coke
7:00 Bible Study
8:00 Bed time

I hope I I can make it to the rest of the week

Swim lessons

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's sick of snow????

Not us!!! We're having fun!

A Litte Birdie came to visit

Jacob says to Rileigh "Hey you want to go and take out the trash?!?!?!" Rileigh "Yes hehehehehe Let's go!!!" So they get the big can with the handle from the laundry room and empty all of the smaller cans in 3 bathrooms, both of their bedrooms, and the basement....laughing all the way. Jacob opens the kitchen door to the garage to empty the big can into the outside garbage can and as soon as he opens the door our little feathered friend flew right in! Mike grabbed a butterfly net and caught him after he took a tour of the house and we locked him in our bedroom upstairs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's no messing around here!

Here's how we clear the snow in these parts :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost there!!!!!

I'm just too excited to wait until the room is 100% done, but I/we are sooooo close!!

I am 1 bin short of having the closet completely organized. Ran out of bins!
I have 1 bin left to go through to see what is actually worth keeping.
I have done at least 100 trips up and down the I should have buns of steel!!! Key word was should :)

So we are close....oh so close!!!

I should just keep on the happy notes, but I do have to tell you how we got the computer desk upstairs.............

Do you all remember back in the summer when the router went bad??? Remember I could hardly move the computer desk to get to the wires?? It weighs a TON!!! I just know it's a TON!!! However Mike estimates 300 pounds.

Mike brought home a furniture dolly from work to move the desk....I was expecting him to bring home John from work to help...NO John, just Dolly!! So, you guessed it, I had to help him. After a small discussion of how I didn't think I could handle it, I found myself under and I mean UNDER the computer desk on the stairs with my snow boots on (they were the closest) heaving that desk up, just enough for Mike to get it up 1 step at a time. I just knew I was going to be crushed...I did survive....I will survive!!! Not quite in tact, the same shoulder ache is back, the same one that I had with the router problem, just not quite as bad. But as you can see, it is worth it.

I also have hooked up and unhooked the internet and router a couple of times to get the furniture placement. And mike had to move it downstairs twice. I actually did it with much success until I mistakenly reset the router instead of the modem....that one push of a button cost me a 45 min phone call with the 'local' foreigner at linksys.

Yeah!!! I won't know what to do with my time when it's done??? Yeah right...I don't know how we got it done!! We didn't paint until Jacob and Rileigh were in bed! Just a few finishing touches and that bin issue!! The first project to be completed in my new room will be a message board :)