Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We celebrated my brother's birthday during the big ravens game, so me being the brilliant mom saw the coolest cake/cupcake tray at Food lion for us to use for Jeff's birthday cake.........Purple/White Go Ravens!

No the purple DID NOT come out of her white shirt, but she had a blast eating it!! Jacob joined in the fun with the white one.

Baby it's cold outside

I wish that I could post all of the pictures from the snow this morning, You would be able to see Rileigh taking her gloves off, touching the snow and then screaming that it was a mess. They did have a blast and Jacob was such a good brother pushing her down the hill in her sled, then helping get the sled back up the hill and then using her for target practice for his "snow fight". Rileigh didn't seem to mind getting hit with the snow ball.......it was the mess that it made on her coat that she was pissed about.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I just can't seem to catch up.........

litterly I just put the last Christmas toy away in Rileigh's closet and had to slam the door shut so it wouldn't fall on my head :)

That's the one thing on my list for the new year (that's all ready over 2 weeks old) is to clean out the closets. It will probably take me the whole year and by the time I'm done, the one I started with will need cleaning again.

My part time jobs have turned into almost full time. They are trying to revamp the vfw, so there have been meeting about how to drum up business and then the data entry job has been being audited so that's been nuts as well. Then there is my real job; Jacob and Rileigh. Rileigh potty training, and Jacob started swim lessons which I think will be a big help in the summer. He was a bit unsure, but after the second one he's more comfortable.

I hope everyone is having a great new year!