Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Toothbrush.......adults ONLY

It was the year of the toothbrush.......there were lots to go around.

Mike and I recieved a 2 pack and it happened to have 2 chargers, so I put one in his bathroom and one in mine. We let them charge. I went to just try mine out; wasn't really time to brush, but it was new and I wanted to give it a try.........well HOLY MOLY!!! That thing is nothing like my old one; my old one was about 15 years old and you couldn't buy replacement heads for it any more. The old one was more like a spinbrush. The new one felt like you should have taken out your teeth before usuing the brush on them.........then I made the mistake of taking the tooth brush out of my mouth while it was still on.........WOOOOOO the mirror, the wall, sink, and Me were all splattered in white little toothpaste specks in about 3 seconds before I shoved the toothbrush back into my mouth to contain it and figure out how to turn it off.........Now it's in my mouth and I can't see the control to figure out to turn it off. So I press the button and it goes even have to go through the cycle or hit it 3 times to turn it off.

Now I didn't think to share my experience with Mike until later in the day. Mike was in the bathroom......I didn't think anything of it. He comes out and says "WOW that toothbrush is like a vibrator for your mouth"

I do have to say that my teeth look and feel 100 times better!!! I do actually love my new toothbrush. And I think Mike does to.

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