Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow......where do I start

We had a heck of a day!! First day of school, pool repair, soccer practice, Pre-school orientation.........

Jacob walked around all morning with his back pack on waiting to go to kindergarten!! We all walked to the bus stop and when the bus came, he didn't look back. He was the first one out of 8 kids to hop on and find a seat!! He didn't even say good bye to me, it was over in a flash! Crazy mom that I am........I was going to head to the school and get a picture of him getting off the bus, but when I noticed the route the bus was taking, I decided to follow, they do a small tour of Cecil County on their way to school. He got on at 8:25 and didn't arrive to school until 8:48!

While all of that was happening, the pool company was here repairing what we thought was a dent of some sort under the liner.........boy were we wrong, it was darn near a sink hole and we were lucky to not loose the liner as well. Our pool hold aprox 20,000 gallons of water......which we had to drain about 12-14,000 of the day before. So, 2 truck loads and our well to fill it back up, we're ready to swim again.

After that Rileigh and I got a bit organized for her Birthday Party and boy was she just out of sorts...."Is Jacob going to eat lunch with us?" "Is Jacob going outside?" and on and on.

Finally we go to the bus stop.....way too early....I forgot to ask what time he would be back!!! Off he comes and he is STARVING!!! He ate 2 bowls of pork stew, 2 cornbread muffins, a cookie, and 2 glasses of milk, all before heading off to soccer practice!

Mike goes to soccer practice with Jacob and I go to pre-school orientation with Rileigh. She can't wait to go, but she is a bit confused about not having the same teacher as last year.

Get home and WOW is Rileigh a bear!!! I had to carry her to the tub kicking and screaming.....some of which you might see in the first day of school pictures for her. While she was squirming to get out of my arms, she scratched her check on my watch!!! BUMMER!!!

While I'm writing this Jacob yelled down the steps......(he's supposed to be sleeping) " I'm not going to Kindergarten 2 days in a row!" Should make for an interesting morning tomorrow :)

I should be drinking, but I just don't have the energy!!!

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