Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School LEMON!!!

Jacob and I talked last week.........all week about what he was going to wear for the first day of school....

This morning for some reason he asked to wear that excat outfit to church....Really buddy is that what you would like to wear???? YES MOM!!!!!!!! Okay, there really isn't any thing that can happen between here and church....HA!! There was a baptism at the church that we didn't know about, which they had a lovely reception afterwards that all were invited to......complete with red icing on a cake and watermelon........OMG are you kidding me!!!

So, I waited to do the light colored clothes until they were undressed so the laundry would be completey done..........and of course the watermelon all over that shirt didn't come out with the first try! So, here I am at 10:30 washing that shirt for the second time!

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