Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Addition to the Backyard Zoo

So it's playdate and I go to the kids picnic table to put up the umbrella and think 'WOW' why would a mouse get up on this table???.......and leave poop!! Cleaned it up, put up the little umbrella, never thought about it again. The next day, my Dad says there is a bat in your patio umbrella..........ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!! Grab the camera go out what to my wondering eyes should appear......the SAME poop that was on the kids table!!! You mean to tell me I cleaned up BAT poop AND put MY HAND UP INSIDE THE UMBRELLA TO PUT IT UP......WITH OUT LOOKING UNDER IT FIRST!!! So of course after the shock of that wore off, let's get a look see!! Wow it was really cool to see him so close up and sort of in the wild, but he didn't really like me checking him out and he started to move I did toooooo!!

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