Monday, June 13, 2011

The thing about having 2 children.........

is that when you want them to share they WON'T, but when you don't want them to share they DO! Rileigh now has the funk that Jacob had last week :( Jacob is back to his normal self, so hopefully Rileigh will bounce back just as quickly.

On another note, we've got Rileigh all signed up for soccer for this fall. She has been the one asking for it forever and this is the first year that she's old enough. However she will be 'double dipping'. Soccer is late Aug-Oct and dance will be late Sept-May......and Jacob will probably be doing fall baseball. Holy Moly! We do enjoy the sports, so while it will be crazy, we love it! Sign ups for sports always sneak up on me. You have to be a planner, the cut off for soccer sign ups is June 15th for the fall, dance will have sign ups in July for Sept and at this point I don't know when baseball is........summer camp sign ups start in February for's crazy!

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