Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Back!

Besides keeping my wonderful family and friends up to date......the purpose of this blog was to help me remember life's little moments or the lemons that life throws my way. So with that said, I am going to do my best to post something each week or more often...depending on the amount of lemons that are delivered to my door. I just hope that if the house fills with lemons someone might visit me with a BIG bottle of vodka to enjoy those lemons with me!

The lemon of the day was needing to pick up Jacob from school :( Rileigh had been looking forward to having a friend over to go swimming for a week! So, they finally get here right on time, but if I had to hear when are they getting here one more time.....well you know. We were swimming and my cell phone rings and it was the school telling me that Jacob had a slight fever and needed to be picked up. All I could think was 'damn, Rileigh is going to cry like a baby when I tell her I have to go', but THANKFULLY the mother of her friend could see my panic and offered to stay and watch them while I picked up Jacob. THANK YOU!!! So, I brought Jacob home got him set up with a sprite and the baseball game and went back out to the pool for just a little while and finished the playdate. After they left, we went to patient first and he had a fever of 102.9 and a slight ear infection....but no one can explain why he keeps complaining about a belly ache. Target for medicine and home to cook some quick dinner, put away the groceries that I bought at target to save myself a trip tomorrow and now finally crash. I did let Jacob ride in the cart at target and wow is he getting big!! It was a chore to get him in, push him, and a chore to get his 61 lbs 4'3" self out of the cart!

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