Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally Some Adult Time...ZIP-LINE!!!!!

After seeing Mike with the height of the ferrous wheel...I thought my chances of zip-lining were slim to none...but he sucked it up and away we went! First you suit up and they give you a whole 3 minute talk and up up up up up the 90 stairs you went on the first tower. You go the first a bit more blind then the rest. After we got to the second tower, they told you how to TRY to steer, but really that's just for laughs, you pretty much just go.......I happen to end up backwards every time. Mike did a little better with the steering then me. Our room was right in front of tower #4, so poppy snapped a few pictures for us and Jacob and Rileigh was able to see us land and take off once. There were a total 6 toweres and took about 45 minutes. AWESOME!!!

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