Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rileigh is 100% little GIRL!!

We took Rileigh to get her ears pierced today and WOW did we have our hands full as soon as we walked into the store!!! I want these earrings, wow; look at this necklace.....she loved everything in that store!!

Now I did warn her that getting your ears pierced hurts.....boy oh boy did she wail!!! It was too cute! She wouldn't even look at her pretty new earrings that she picked out..........they are not the ones that her mommy picked for her. She is still a bit unsure of what we've done, but she is looking forward to the heart earrings that she picked out in saxon's......yes I did say saxon's....she has been talking about those earrings for over a week now.........did I mention that we have our hands full???

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