Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Okay the whole story about the adventure

Rileigh woke up with the funk. I called our dr.....which I can truthfully say that we have NEVER seen him when we were actually sick; today was no different. No appointments with him, but I could see someone in the office around 3pm. Nope that doesn't work for me. I can't get Jacob off the bus at 2:20 and be in Bel Air by then.

Rileigh and I had an appointment with a parents as teachers Representative at 9:30, so we waited and I did warn her, but she decided to just show us things anyway. I love this program. She'll come once a month with a bag of little activities that are appropriate for Rileigh for us to work on together.

Plan B. Let's go to Patient First. We left as soon as the lady left about 10:15, get to patient where to park!!! So, I park in a handicap and run it to access the place...........Oh Heck no!! We're not staying here. At least a 2 hour wait according to the nice lady and most of the people there were wearing the little paper mask....that are really a joke, so I figured we would be sick as dogs if we stayed there.

Plan C. Urgent care in the festival. Not nearly as crowded, but not nearly as nice as patient first. We checked in at 11:20 and didn't leave there until about 1:10.

I opted for the eye ointment instead of the eye drops......because less then 2 weeks ago Rileigh had an outer ear infection complete with drops and no we did not see our regular dr........that was a Sunday morning....anyway the point of that is that Rileigh " I HATE EAR DROPS" flipped out when she heard the word drops. So we stopped at the Rite aid and of course they didn't have what we needed....Then I stopped at some little drug store on the way home, nope; no luck there. By now I have to go home to get Jacob off the bus. So after he gets home, they play for a few minutes and off we go, I figure that I'll go through the drive thru at the wal greens on my way to drop off movies at the library......NOPE; not open the drive thru register is broke, so I had to take the 2 monsters in past all of the flipping candy and toys to the BACK of the store....there is really not a path through the place with out passing something that they like to get their grubby little hands on......30 minute wait, so to the library we go and back into the store again to pick it up. Stop it, don't touch anything, stay with me, stop tossing that baby on the floor, no you can't have that, put that back, don't rub your eyes......

All of that before we even had dinner, homework, baths.....blah blah blah!!

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