Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"I'm Gross"

So, I'm ironing my shorts, because it seems that everything that Rileigh and I own for summer clothes has to be ironed and Rileigh comes in with only her shirt and her diaper. Houdini in action again! So, I say Rileigh "put your pants back on" she says while leaving the room "Jacob ???", I finish ironing my shorts........which for some reason are too freaking tight....I'm putting them on and here comes Rileigh again only this time there is NO DIAPER ON HER LITTLE BEHIND and saying "I'm gross" Yep, you guessed it!! She pooped and proceeded to take off her diaper by herself, put it in the trash can...not in a bag....loose poop all over the trash can, she then went into her white carpeted room....layed down, while laying down, she some how sat on her foot covering that in poop, then of course putting her poopie behind down right on her white carpet! All in the matter of oh about 15 seconds. And because we change her in the same place every time, I left her folded pj's there to wear again tonight and they were covered in poop too. That all took place in less then about 3 miniutes!!! I wonder what would have happend if I tried to iron a whole outfit????

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