Friday, May 22, 2009

Pre-School Graduation

Today Jacob "Graduated" pre-school. THANK GOODNESS for SUNGLASSES........because I cried like a BIG FAT BABY!!! My shirt was wet from the tears!!! The school really did it up for the graduating class and their families. They played graduation music as the graduates took the little stage. Then they did the pledge of allegiance. After that each child held a picture that they had drawn and said in front of everyone what their favorite thing that they learned was. Jacob's favorite was that he learned about Dinosaurs. For the closing the teacher, Miss Sarah gave each student an award for their special gifts. Jacob's was for being such a good friend to his fellow classmates. Then back to the classroom for Dr. Seuss's 'oh the places we'll go' after the story, they had a little party. Pop Pop Mark and Mom Mom joined us for the festivities which made Jacob's day and we came home for lunch on the deck.

Of Course we had the usual I HATE this shirt conversation. I tried my best to prepare him that he would have to wear a nice shirt by letting him pick out his own shirt all week knowing that on Friday, Mom would get to pick out the shirt. Still wasn't enough.....we still had the YOU'RE WEARING THE SHIRT OR ELSE conversation for 20 minutes before it was actually on. Then Thank goodness a friend of his needed to borrow a polo shirt to look nice for the graduation and it made wearing a polo a smidgen better.

So, now we'll face KINDERGARTEN next year!!! HOLY MOLY!!

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