Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party Weekend..........

Shew!!! It's Sunday evening and with it being dark early, I can trick Jacob and Rileigh into bed early :) We started the weekend with breakfast with Santa at the pre-school and they ate 2 donuts and shopped for their grand parents with help from an elf and had their picture taken with Santa and made a Christmas card all in less then 25 minutes. Then we were off to the VFW where we had a hot dog and chips for lunch and saw the magician "nothing up my sleeve" Rileigh was FRONT row..........Jacob was out of there!!! He went to the bar with Pop Pop to get as far away as he possibly could. He didn't even know what to expect, but he didn't care, he was gone!! So, I coned him back in at the end of the show and he finally went up to get his balloon. Rileigh was even turned into a bunny rabbit during the show. Then came Santa. Santa brought a remote control dump truck for Jacob and a really cute dress up outfit for Rileigh.....well she wanted to know where her baby was that she told the other Santa at pre-school. Jacob's truck was SCREWED to the box!!! I just can't wait to see all tools we'll need on Christmas day just to get the toys out of the stupid boxes!!!

Then Sunday was a holiday party at our house. 8 kids 4 adults........HOLY MOLY they out numbered us!! It went pretty well, I was/am just tired. They made reindeer food for Ruldolph and the gang to put out on Christmas eve, then they painted a holiday picture. The girls had princesses and the boys Mickey Mouse. Then pizza, cupcakes and free play. They went up to their rooms with their friends for the first time and they did pretty well. The girls love the doll house and 1 boy layed in the middle of all of the trucks and never seemed to move and the other 2 boys were every kind of rescue/super hero they could think of.

Of course I cleaned the bathroom off the kitchen and every time I looked someone was in the one I didn't clean. It had the "lived in" look. It just wasn't party clean. So, now that everyone is gone, I finally had some time and cleaned the bathroom, started the laundry, put the stupid deer in the front yard back together for the 20th time, hooked up a new tv, and last but not least, put the bows on the garland on the front porch.............all of which I would have loved to of had done before the party, but what the heck, I'll enjoy all of the work myself :) I was too busy partying Saturday, trying to buy slip covers for the living room to cover the hole in the love seat, trying to hook up the pool cover pump that broke in the middle of all of that that's a whole story in itself!!! You'll love that one!! So, I go out to put the pump on the pool cover. Can't find the stupid hose..........find another, full of cob webs and spiders, hook it to the pump, pull out the extension cord........DAMN the gate to the pool is locked!! Get the key unlock the gate....oh the other gate is NOT locked, oh well, put the pump on the pool cover and the hose looses tension..........YUP you guessed it. It broke in 2. Go in try to super glue it, go back out into the rain and try to hook it luck. So in the FREEZING water, I tried to hold the hose to the pump to at least get it started, because it would have at least got the hose started and would have slowly syphoned the water off. Nope that didn't work either, just gave me a sneak peak at what frost bite might feel like. By now the cover has about 8 inches of water on top and I'm getting desperate, so I try to syphon the water off. NOW REALLY STOP LAUGHING!!! AND NO IT DIDN'T WORK. And yes all of that was done in the monsoon of rain we had.

And in the mist of all of this, we're potty training Rileigh. During the party, I saw her at the top of the steps naked with a turd hanging out!!!! And another mom running as fast as she could to get away!! So, when you think you life has gone to the birds, just remember that sight!! She is actually doing pretty well, we going full force only pull ups during nap and at night, it's big girl panties all the rest of the time.

Well I don't really care what time it is.....I'm off to bed :)

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