Sunday, November 30, 2008

Better late then never......

at least that's what I say :)

I even going to cheat a bit. I wanted to share our vacation with everyone, but haven't had enough time to write about it, so I'm cheating, yes I'm taking the easy road on this trip....and I'm going to feel good about just getting the post off of my to do list!!!

I can say that the good memories out weigh the bad, but Disney is not.....I repeat Disney is not a vacation, it is life in hpyerdrive.........especially with children.

I know that I work from home, but I do some what remember that in the work force that special projects give bonus checks or overtime compensation.........I haven't seen a bonus or overtime pay for this special project called Disney, but I do have about 6 great pictures out of 700........yes I did say 700!!

As most of you know I suffer from CRS....Can't Remember Squat. So, when I remembered that I wanted to remember my trip, I wrote a short paragraph of what we did that that I wouldn't forget our vacation. And we were with out Internet for most of the trip. So, here are my paragraphs of how we spent our days :) When you read them as I have just re-read will see that I really and truely do suffer from CRS!!!!

Nov 10th
We started out the day at the Polynesian resort for breakfast at the Ohana with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto. Lilo was the big hit with Rileigh. Jacob loved them all. It was a family style breakfast complete with Mickey waffles………..Rileigh didn’t eat a single bite, but we talked the waitress into a container of fruit loops to go for her. All of the kids got to go on a parade through the restaurant with maracas lead by Lilo and the rest of the characters joined in with the rest of us. Before we went in to the restaurant, we took a family picture…….one of Disney’s sucker punches, but of course I bought it. I couldn’t help but think it may be the best picture of the entire trip. I’ll let you know if I’m right on Sunday 

Then we were off to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you ever go there, get the fast pass for the new Pixar Buzz and Woody ride………we got a fast pass at 11am and we were to return at 7pm……………needless to say we missed that ride and also any character greetings due to horrendous lines. If you were to wait in line for the buzz and woody ride, it would have been 90 minutes. I can’t handle 15 minutes with Rileigh in line 

We did Playhouse Disney first and they absolute LOVED it …..Rileigh kept saying “Wook” “Wook” and all we saw from Jacob were smiles. Then we went to Beauty and the Beast, again a big hit with Rileigh, then off to have some snacks.

Nov 11th

Wow we were busy today!! We started off on a butterfly walk and caught 2, then we stopped at the play ground then we went to check out the pool and beach. Poppy dropped the butterflies in the lake, so we rented a 4 person swan paddle boat to rescue the butterflies. We also took some time to feed the fish….which we later swim with ;) We walked back to the condo to change into our swim suits and headed back to the lake and pool. The pool is heated and felt better then bath water………however the lake……..not so much. Burrrrr it was cold, but it had to be done, waiting out in the lake was a GIANT trampoline that I …….I mean Jacob had to try out. Wow that was a job to get on, but well worth it. After Rileigh saw us, she had to get on so Mike had to endure the cold water as well to get her out there, but what fun we had. Then back to the pool to warm up. Mike and I shared a ‘voodoo bucket’ and we had lunch poolside. Jacob and Rileigh played in the sand and kiddie pool before we headed back to the condo to get ready for the “Very Merry Christmas Party” at Magic Kingdom.

Crystal Place for dinner……….expensive, but nice. Then off to watch the parade and enjoy complementary hot cocoa and cookies. Then a Christmas show, buzz ride and 2 sessions with Stitch to try to get our Christmas photo………just okay, we’ll see what Disney photo pass has to offer before making up our minds.
Nov 12th

With a late start, we headed off to The Magic Kingdom about 9:30. It was a bit rough getting there on the Ferry for some reason, it took about an hour. Once there we headed straight for Dumbo, then Snow White, and Pooh. Then we had a Root beer Float for lunch and then off to Tomorrow land to do the Buzz light-year ride. After two rides on that we went to The Laugh Factory and the put Rileigh up on the big screen as Boo from the movie. Then we headed over to Frontier land and watched the Country Bears, splash mountain twice for Jacob and Mike, but once for me then we had a front row spot for the parade……..which Rileigh loves, she waves hi and blows kisses to all of her favorite characters. Thunder Mountain was next on the list. Jacob said it was a bit scary for little kids, but he said it with a big smile. Then we headed to Toon Town and toured Mickey and Minnie’s house. We toughed out a rain shower and headed back to the truck. We also endured over an hour of Rileigh being Rileigh ;) Plenty of squished pennies along the way.

Nov 13th

Off to Epcot today. We stopped to see a snail on a bench which was really cool. Then off to the park. We headed straight to the Nemo ride then off to the land and went on a boat ride through the greenhouses where they actually use most of the vegetables in the restaurants there. We then watched a movie staring the cast from Lion King about the importance of the earth and taking care of it. We got the fast pass for Soarin and then headed off to Mexico for lunch. While in Mexico, we did Donald’s boat ride and had Donald sign our autograph books. Then back to ride Soarin……Oh my what an awesome ride. You sit in a seat that feels like an airplane seat, complete with seatbelts and then they take you up into a bubble like movie screen so that you are completely surrounded by the scenery and you feel the wind in your face and smell the oranges and evergreens that are in the scenery.

Nov 15th

Off to the trampoline, everyone joined in for a pop in the popcorn pot today. Then we played on the small beach for a little while. Poppy rented a fishing pole and fished while we played. Then we enjoyed the heated pool for one last time before we cleaned up to go to lunch.

We went to downtown Disney to the T-rex cafĂ© for lunch. No wait, the menu and food was just okay, but the atmosphere was amazing. Our table was in the coral reef complete with fish tanks and a giant octopus hovering over us. After lunch and squishing pennies, Jacob and Rileigh created their very own dinosaurs in the build a dinosaur workshop. Rileigh’s is pink and has a cute Capri outfit and shoes and Jacob’s is sporting a baseball uniform………which he uses his tail for the bat. After that, we went to see a couple of resorts and then decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom for one last ride on Buzz light year. The castle was completely covered in lights and just beautiful. We rode Aladdin’s magic carpets and buzz light year twice then had ice-cream for dinner and headed back home to pack up.

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