Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where in the heck is my cape........

I seem to have miss placed my Super Woman cape!!! Does any one know where the HELL to get a new one????? Besides just trying to keep up with life, the stupid bathroom sink is giving me a hard time. There seems to be a piece that just appeared and it's the one that keeps the stopper I think that's the problem. The garage door doesn't go down right, you have to kind of guide it down.......defeats the purpose of the automatic opener! The mini van wouldn't start, so I had to jump start that, oh the list goes on and on and on.........Soccer practice, Soccer game, pre-school, play dates, speech class, dinner........Should I keep going....finding shoes that fit...changing closets over to an all new season, making a 2 and 4 year old try on clothes from last year....

I used to love shopping/walking around looking, but now UGH!!! It just gets on my nerves!! Jacob and Rileigh both have wide feet, so pretty much GOOD LUCK finding a pair of shoes for them.......especially if you have them with you!! One's kicking his flip flops off knocking down the display and the other is out of the store on the rides.......which are so conviently located just outside of the only freaking kids shoe store in the whole mall!!! Then they both need new wadrobes every freaking season of every year!!

My biggest flustration is that Jacob has NO interest in saying ABC's and only on occasion can he count to ten correctly!! I was so flustrated tonight reading him books that I had to leave the room. He picked 3 books, I read two and asked him to count the B's on the page and he just couldn't/wouldn't make it the third book is waiting on his night stand for his reward for counting to ten. It's a really long Toy Story one that has to be read in chapters, so once he count's to ten, he'll get a book mark and we'll start. I know that he knows numbers, he is just being stubborned; I hope!

Tomorrow is yet another day!!!!!! I'll see if I can't find that damn cape!

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