Thursday, February 26, 2009


So about 1:30 am Rileigh is screaming I'm all messy, I pooped, MOMMMMMY, I get her in the bathroom to find that she has diarrhea get her undressed and cleaned up, try to put her back into her bed which by some MIRACLE is not covered in poo, she is having NO parts of that she is going to my bed with or with out me, I put her in where Mike usually is, but is not; because he is sleeping soundly a few states away, go to get back into my side of the bed to discover Jacob sound asleep.....When the heck did he get here???? So I ended up sleeping in the middle then putting Rileigh back about an hour after that. Jacob is coughing, so I never thought to look at his bed, go to put him back into his room and discover that he has puked on the pillow and sheets and his pj's........that he was wearing in my bed. Just when you think you can't do anymore, you'll find yourself doing all of the sheets and covers in the house. Luckily, half of the spare room bed was empty. I did say half the rest is covered in clothes that no longer fit the 2 monsters that were sleeping in my bed. I don't think anyone told me about the amount of clothes that kids go through in their little life times. AND YES Rileigh is one pair of pj's short.....the poopie ones went straight into the garbage.....SHEW!!!

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