Sunday, July 6, 2008

6' 2"

I do have to say that at times it is quite nice that your husband is 6'2" and 240lbs. We live in the sticks and until we had children; that most of the time go to bed around 8pm (which is the reason that I may still have some sanity left)we really didn't care about the hoodlums who live around us. Now, they are pretty good hoodlums and they are just having fun....I wouldn't mind joining them some time... BUT they have been having TOO MUCH fun (I can't believe there is such a thing). For the 4th night in a row....ATV's going full force right behind our house on the dirt road....not to mention the gun fire and fire works that completes a redneck 4th of July...again not putting them down as I am part redneck myself. However after 3 nights of your children NOT GOING TO SLEEP UNTIL 10PM or LATER!!!!! It tends to get old....So I was going to march down to the dirt road and have a chat with them....TOO FAST....they were gone. I come in put some of the 3,000 things that is necessary for a family outing they come again. Mind you this is 8:30 or so. Mike made it down to the road for their return trip and all he had to do was stand there....they whizzed passed, but wouldn't look back and we haven't heard them since. It's not what they are's what time they are doing it.

Let me update you on my truck! It is now sitting at the dealer so that they can fix the "receptor?" for the air conditioning. After it not starting a few times and I had to jump start it MYSELF one time, we went to Autozone.....which is actually a whole story in it self...$90 and 20 minutes of Jacob, Rileigh, and I cooking in the July heat THE FIRST TIME we started it up; the air conditioning wasn't working properly!!! No air out of the dash........only the defroster!!!! Murphy's Law is REALLY PLUCKING MY NERVES NOW!!!!!!

Today we spent the day watching a parade which the parade itself was just okay. Jacob and Rileigh actually liked it and thougt the best part was the fire trucks...good thing, because that's about all that was in the parade.

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